I’ve got my eye on you.


Yeah — I’ve got my eye on you.
On you … and your perfect physique.
Your face is rather forgettable, and
you exude absolutely no personality
here at the gym.
I have not dared speak to you
because I do not want to be
disappointed by your voice.
You do the Tom of Finland
physique even better than
Peter Berlin did in his prime.
So — I cannot help but look …
often; across the room,
and in the mirrors.
I am an artist … and I love
well-executed sculptures.
(I guess that makes me a voyeur.)
But do not get me wrong:
I do not want you.
I do not want to have sex with you.
I do not want to know you.
I do not want to speak with you.
I just want to steal a glance
every now and then …
and to dream of what I
one day might achieve —
in my next incarnation.

(from “Jisei”, 2013)

1 Comment

  1. Per Eidspjeld says:

    The eyes are said to be the mirrors of our souls.
    If we change this around and fill our eyes with “inspiration” we are just doing what we are good at. Soulseekers perhaps “doing our best”, as You so well put it Adam in another post here on the web.


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