Through the Looking Glass of 2020.


“Corona: In the Eye of the Storm (We Can’t Breathe)”, oil on canvas, 61 x 61 cm.


The year 2020 has been an introspective year for me; a time where all travels and other big plans were abruptly cut short, and the abstractions, with which I am always concerned in my Art and in my writing, began to move away from my long-time fascination with geometric art, minimalism, hard-edge paintings, and other severe styles … and more towards pushing the boundaries of semi-realism — but still with the same psychological, social and political questions as before. Because I wanted to approach figurative painting from and with diverse styles and techniques, I made 2020 into my year of the portrait, and of learning to exist in a COVID-19 driven reality. The works made in 2020 thus include twenty self-portraits, as well as portraits of family, friends, and of a past husband. They are a diary of my year in isolation and meditation. I have collected several of these works in a slide-show, including a few from before 2020 (which inspired this later process). 

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