Fifty shades … my _ _ _ no, Your ass!


I have been holding off on writing this commentary for all too long.
The current fad-obsession with sadomasochism is both overrated and
misunderstood. Without coming with a curriculum vitae or list of merits,
I can ascertain that the 50-shades-trend is nothing new, and also that it
is a watered-down “housewife-version” of a long-established sexual philosophy and lifestyle.

It is great that so many persons are showing interest for sexual expansion in
everyday relations and online, but … while S&M is role-playing, it is also not just a game. The “gamers” are sometimes unpredictable and quite different than what you might think, expect or hope that they are. In addition, there are many “psychos” out there — meaning persons that see violence and murder as viable sexual acts, and who have difficulty in setting and respecting limits.

Not all Sadists (masters) are balanced and reliable. There are also many Masochists (slaves) that have death wishes. Choose wisely, and have your wits about you when playing. You can live with STD’s, but not with Death.


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